Getaway Game Free Download

Getaway Game Free Download

Getaway Free Download PC Game, Getaway Game Full version highly compressed via direct link, Download Getaway Game via torrent link.

Getaway Game Free Download
Getaway Game Free Download

Getaway Game Overview

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. ARPG game, the story takes place 3,000 years after the end of the battle of gods and demons. After many years of cultivation and recuperation, the three worlds have risen, forming the power pattern of the three worlds centered on Baiyujing, the city of heaven; Stained by demonic energy, he became an inaccessible Demon Abyss, imprisoning the extraterrestrial demons who were sealed by the gods, while the demons were silent for a long time, accumulating huge power to break the seal and return to the Three Realms. The prophecy of the twin Buddhas affects the fate of the three worlds. The demons who have been hiding for a long time and the descendants of the eight tribes who roam the world secretly start a contest to chase the Buddhas. Who decides the fate of ups and downs.

Gameplay The first step
into the game is to create a character. There are currently four occupations in the game, namely Yuxu, Fuyao, Lingshan, and Ghost. I like group attack and output, choose Yuxu, like tank and counter-injury, choose mysterious method, like to play magic, and choose Fuyao for healing, and like to play control and explosion, choose ghost.

After creating a character and entering the game, do the main quest first. The main quest in the early stage will send you to experience the fairy baby, the demon baby, and the VIP. These are all time-limited, so it’s best for everyone to complete various tasks quickly, and don’t waste time doing other things on the way. These time-limited items can be used to increase monster killing experience, input damage, and so on.
After players get the VIP experience, they need to use the VIP’s free transfer function a lot, which can save a lot of time running the map.

When the main line reaches about level 125, the main line quest will be temporarily interrupted, and you can upgrade by doing daily tasks. The daily tasks are generally relatively simple. After reaching level 130, you can go back to the main line to upgrade.
When the player is level 120, the team experience dungeon will also be opened. This is a very important dungeon on the first day, and you can get a lot of experience and level up.
The efficiency of getting experience in the experience copy is related to the experience buff on your body. During the experience copy, you can increase the damage through inspiration, and increase the experience gain by using the experience bonus items. At the same time, the team has additional experience bonus. At this time, the baby demon spirit sent earlier is very useful. The baby demon spirit can provide a 25% experience bonus. With the bonus, you can play experience dungeons, which can lead other players by a lot.

In addition, players can also play world bosses after level 90, and they can also gain a lot of experience. There are also darts participating in the Pantao Conference, at 16:00 pm and 22:00 pm, you can also get double rewards, which is also one of the important ways to gain a lot of experience. After completing the tasks and dungeons, etc., you can go to the recommended field to hang up.

On the way to the main line, you can click the strengthen button on the main interface more, which will display the currently executable increase options. When you can increase it, you can quickly strengthen it. After the enhancement, you can kill monsters faster and do tasks faster. .

In the early stage of the server opening, the more cost-effective activities in the game include: 1 yuan spike, first recharge event, golden toad gift, combat power amulet, discount package for opening the server, and 0 yuan purchase activities.

Beginners must purchase the one-yuan spike event to get luxurious rewards and improve their combat power. At the same time, players can buy a VIP card on the first day of opening the server, and they can send unlimited free transfers, saving time for tasks. Friends who are financially allowed, it is best to buy a supreme VIP card, and you can directly open VIP4. In addition to the experience bonus of killing monsters, VIP4 can also open the BOSS Jiuyou Purgatory, which can kill more BOSS and get more rewards. Reaching VIP can also participate in VIP investment, and get a lot of cents every day.

Three days before the server starts, players can purchase Jinchan Gifts to recharge 1¥, 3¥, 8¥, 12¥, 25¥, 50¥ to get 15 times, 30 times, 200 times, and 1000 times of ingots randomly. At the same time, use Yuanbao to buy 0 yuan purchase activities and open nested treasure chests for the first charge. When the economy allows, players can participate in the competition to open the server for 1-2 days and get luxury rewards by purchasing discount packages for opening the server and ranking the ranking. Participate in the lottery 3-7 days after opening the server to obtain props to activate the artifact activity, and quickly improve your combat power.

It is very important for players to improve their combat power 7 days before the server starts, otherwise it will be difficult to catch up with high combat power players later. So how to improve combat power?
First of all, 7 days before the server starts, we will upgrade according to the game’s advanced line. The advanced line is: the first day of the mount list, the second day of the fairy boy list, the third day of the flower rush list, the fourth day of the Taoist list, and the cloak list. The 5th day, the 6th day of the formation list, and the 7th day of the Baojia list. There will be a different development system every day, and there will be preferential activities for the advanced line, such as: discount packages for opening the server, special gift packages, help to climb the list and other activities, we can spend the lowest ingots or recharge to get the largest rebate props. Improve the corresponding development system, thereby improving your own attributes and combat power. During this period, we must also actively participate in fighting personal bosses and world bosses. Fighting bosses is an important way to obtain equipment. Advanced equipment can quickly improve our own attributes and combat power. Economically, within 3-7 days of starting the server, a million combat power event will be launched in the game. Players can participate in the million combat power event to draw a lottery to activate artifacts and quickly increase their combat power.

Unique gameplay:
Qiankun duel: The server starts at 20:00 in the evening on the first day of the server. When the battle begins, players are divided into Qian and Kun, who will enter the battlefield for a duel.

Daily confrontation gameplay: Open on the first day of the server, players can enter the camp front line every day to complete a series of camp confrontation tasks, such as destroying the enemy’s flag, killing the enemy’s generals, guarding the flag of their own side, capturing enemy materials, and the front line of the camp. fights etc.

Faction Battle (King Hegemony): On the second day of the server opening, the King Hegemony event will determine the thrones of the Immortal Emperor, Demon God, and Human Emperor from the three camps of Immortals, Demons, and Humans.

Xianmeng Hegemony: Open at 21:00 on the third day of the server. The competition area is divided into five levels: God, Immortal, Heaven, Earth, and Human. The higher the level, the higher the experience gained and the contribution reward of Xianmeng. The final winner of the god-level division will become the ruler of the Three Realms, and all members of the Immortal League can receive salaries every day.

Ending battles: The 4th and 7th days will open. Each end battle will destroy one of the clans, and those who have been exterminated will be merged into other clans, and finally complete the unification of the whole server.

BOSS competition: After the second day of the server, the Demon Sealing Palace will be opened every afternoon and evening, and players of the three clans will compete for the BOSS in units of each clan.

Alien Expedition: After the unification of all servers, the final winner will lead the players of all servers to conduct cross-server battles, compete for the dominance of the alien space, and finally dominate the heavens and the world



    • OS:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor:Intel Core-i3 or faster processor
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Network:Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage:2 GB available space

    • OS:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor:Intel Core-i7
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:750ti
    • Network:Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage:3 GB available space

How to Download and Install Getaway.

  • Download the file completely from here.
  • Extract using the appropriate extractor. Recommended is WinRAR.
  • Install the Setup.exe file from the downloaded data.
  • Complete the installation.
  • I want to crack. Copy Crack and paste it in the install directory, where you have installed.
  • Play and Enjoy!
  • Leave feedback here.

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